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If you are installing or repairing reticulation one of the most important decisions you can make is what products you install in the ground. If you are not in the ‘game’ and installing reticulation and irrigation, then it can be hard to know what’s good and what is not good!

So, we thought we would provide a list straight from the contractor’s mouth of our favourite long-term products and why we like them. These are just a few products that we like and there are many more.

Although we are a business that focuses on overhauling and renovating poorly performing reticulation systems we can certainly supply and install these products if we are doing a job for you.

Note, we do not do ‘Supply Only’.

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Hunter Pro-Spray pop-ups

One of the toughest sprinkler bodies out there with an extremely strong retractable spring this is one pop-ups sprinkler you do not want to sneeze at.

Available in a range of sizes we prefer the 100mm or 4 inch. Most people use 50mm or 80mm pop-ups. The reason we like a larger size is so we can sink them down a little lower in the ground making it less likely you will damage the sprinkler with a lawn mower, car or even your foot!

Source Pro-Spray® | Hunter Industries

Hunter Pro Spray

Rainbirds 1800 Series pop-ups

We have been using these for many years. Rainbird is an extremely reputable brand. The 1800 SAM Series: is worth looking at in particular.


Rainbird 1800 Series pop up

Hunter MP Rotator Nozzle

Hunter’s Legendary MP Rotator nozzle is our all-time favourite. In our humble opinion this is the best nozzle for residential sprinklers you can get. This comes from many years of experience in using them. Mp Rotators spread the water very evenly, operate under lower flow and pressure and their unique throwing pattern cuts through the wind. Perfect for those windy places! The water is applied slower than standard nozzles allowing all areas the chance to soak the water in. Standard nozzles apply the water at a faster rate which increases runoff. Mp Rotators are a tough durable sprinkler nozzle. Like all things common sense still needs to prevail if you want a nice garden and you need to ensure adequate coverage, proper maintenance of your lawns and gardens and the right amount of sunlight and environmental conditions amongst other things.

Retic Renovation Services

Rainbirds MPR Series Fixed Pattern Spray Nozzles

As far as standard spray head goes this is our long-term favourite. If you are looking for a quality spray head, you will not go wrong with these. Just make sure you set out your perth reticulation correctly with the right spacing and station size. Like anything the equipment still needs to be used correctly.


Rainbird standard nozzle

Subsurface Driplines

Subsurface dripline can be one of the most effective ways to irrigate your garden. The Dripline sits between the soil and the mulch greatly minimising evaporation and delivering water right to the roots.

There are several components needed to make sure these types of systems work well so make sure you get someone who really knows what they are doing. We mainly use Netafim’s range of dripline.

Download Netafim Techline PDF

Subsurface Dripline by Retic Renovation

Pressure Relief Valves

If you have a bore we would highly recommend you consider a pressure relief valve. In the case of an irrigation solenoid valve failing to open the bore can continue to try to pump water through the system causing the pump the ‘dead head’ this can burn out the bore and melt fittings and pipes causing all sorts of issues. A pressure relief valve will release the pressure above the pre-set level. Generally, we would just plumb this back into the main supply line.

We use Bermad typically for pressure relief valves.

The Bermad Quick Pressure Relief Valve is a hydraulically operated, diaphragm actuated control valve that relieves excessive line pressure when it rises above the preset maximum.

This valve responds to rises in system pressure immediately, accurately, and with high repeatability, by opening fully


Bermad 13Q Pressure Relief Plastic Valve

Wire Connectors

We recommend and use 3M Scotchlok wire connectors. These are easy to use and far better than the old twist and tape technique used by many irrigators. Using a proper waterproof Gel Connector like these greatly reduces the chance of corrosion on the wiring.


Wire connector RR

Articulated risers

You have joints, right? Sprinklers need joints as well. Using an articulated riser to connect a pop-up sprinkler to the PVC pipe work is a must have in our opinion. These greatly reduce the amount of damage a car can do and protect the pop-ups, pipe work and connectors. They just move slightly when driven on.

Articulated risers RR

Thank you for visiting our irrigation page. There are other brands out there and we are happy to install them if they are reputable and high quality. Just ask us.

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