Why you should use Retic Renovation - and why you shouldn't use us!

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If you want a professional job without hassles this is the right page for you.

We want to make doing business with us as easy as possible!
We put a huge amount of effort into being the very best reticulation company we can be and doing quality work in an industry rife with substandard operators. Whether it’s difficult retic repairs, rehauls of current systems not working well or quality brand new installs – we have you covered!

But the question is – do you want someone to sort it properly for you the first time? If so, read on!

Below is everything you need to know about how we operate including pricing information, types of jobs we do, how to book us, common questions, availability for estimations, and more!

Why Retic Renovation Is Right For You!

First of all, if you love your lawn and garden more than anything, we are 100% right for you! We’re passionate about reticulation, lawns and gardens and we want your garden and lawn to be thriving!

Don’t worry if your garden and lawn are currently struggling, we will help with that! We stand out from other providers in the reticulation industry. Finding a reliable and skilled reticulation professional can be challenging. When you search for the best reticulation companies in Perth on Google, you’ll find a variety of options. However, distinguishing the good from the not-so-good is tricky at face value. Our proof lies in the results. We consistently share pictures and videos showcasing transformations, and our clients actively comment and review our work.

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As well as a strong focus on improving your lawn and garden’s health, our approach blends practicality with aesthetic appeal. No one wants sprinklers shooting sideways or random elements sticking up in the air. We ensure a neat and organized reticulation system, avoiding the common issue of misaligned and haphazardly arranged heads – without sacrificing practicality! We focus on putting pipes, wiring and solenoids in the right spots to minimize future maintenance and damage by concrete, tree roots etc. We always go the extra mile!

Reticulation is often underestimated as a trade, but we recognize its importance. Like any profession, the quality can vary. We invest the time needed to complete the job thoroughly, ensuring the right parts are used, and we refuse to cut corners. While some jobs may call for basic repairs in one section and a more complex overhaul in another, we are adaptable to our customers’ needs. If you want the job done right, we are the right company for you.

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You should use us if:

  • You need an extra professional job
  • You have had bad experiences with other reticulation and landscaping companies
  • No one has been able to adequately resolve your reticulation issues
  • You like the job done correctly the first time’
  • You don’t want to be redoing work over and over
  • You want a polite friendly professional working on your property
  • You love your lawn and garden and what them healthy green and vibrant. We do too! That’s why we do what we do.
  • You want someone both experienced and passionate
  • You value quality parts and understand its not just the parts but the tender TLC that is required to install them correctly that makes a difference
  • You don’t want a rushed job but a job done right.
  • You have had reticulation before and its never been 100% right and you always have issues and frustrations. Trust us it can be done better if we are given the time and budget!
  • 20 years experience!
  • You think things should not just be practical but should also be aesthetically pleasing

We Only Use The Best Quality Parts!

We source the majority of our parts from Reece Irrigation and Pools and sell these at retail prices. As a small business, we aim to keep our parts prices within 30% of Reece’s retail pricing, acknowledging potential fluctuations throughout the year. For any parts or products acquired elsewhere, we strive to maintain costs within 30% of the standard retail pricing for that company. Generally it’s 30% more. We believe in being upfront and our focus is on giving you the best job possible.

Having the right product hand-picked for you is a massive help and our decades of experience and love for the job are a huge help here and well worth the money it costs even if it is at retail.. After all, price is what you pay but value is what you get!

Why You SHOULDN’T Use Retic Renovation!

retic renovation

You are after a ‘competitive’ quote

In the words of a wise man, “Price is what you pay, value is what you get.” Have you ever paid for a cheap product or had a bad experience? Ever bought a product that broke shortly after or faced terrible customer service? It feels like a total waste of money, doesn’t it? The same principle applies to reticulation.

retic renovation

The job is for a rental or home that is being prepared for a ‘quick sale.

For standard rental properties or homes prepared for sale, where cost minimization is crucial, we might not be the ideal choice. Our focus on quality may result in higher costs. An exception exists for long-term rentals by owners seeking durability and quality with minimal hassle.

retic renovation

The project is less than 2 hours

We avoid stand-alone small repairs unless it’s for an existing client. This allows us to maintain our focus on renovations, repairs over 2 hours, and installations – ensuring each project receives the time and dedication it deserves.

retic renovation

You are looking for a ‘cheap solution’.

We do not claim to be the cheapest, nor do we offer cheap solutions. Our emphasis lies in providing sound advice and although we can potentially suggest more cost-effective approaches to certain aspects of a project we prioritize homeowners who appreciate a thorough and quality job.

Services We Specialise In

  • Full retic overhauls
  • New additions
  • Conduit Rewiring
  • Solenoid replacement
    (including locating solenoids)
  • Installation of a range of quality retic controllers (including controller replacement and installations)
  • Sprinkler replacement
  • Solutions for broken sprinklers once and for all.
  • Reconfiguration of irrigation sprinklers
  • Brand new quality lawn and garden retic installations of all kinds of bore and mains systems.
  • Poor pressure solutions
  • Identifying dry areas and coming up with solutions
  • Drippers and similar systems
  • Tree bubblers and watering systems for different types of trees
  • Garden riser repairs
  • Subsurface Dripline repairs, alterations, and additions
  • Fixing persisting issues
  • Bore filters (including maintenance and replacement)
  • Bore pressure relief valves (including installation and maintenance)
  • New Isolation taps
  • Installation of Master Solenoid valves
  • Onsite consultations
  • Meticulous work with a passion for the job. Nothing else matters without this.
  • Experienced in repairing systems off bores and mains
  • And more!
retic renovation addons

Additional Add on services

Our focus is to always help you have a beautiful garden and a vibrant and healthy lawn. These add-on services work hand-in-hand with the reticulation to help you achieve this, we do not do these on their own and will only provide these as part of the reticulation.

Here is our full list of add-on services:

  • We do advice-only consults! Yes, you read that right!
  • Mulching
  • Fertilising
  • Top dressing of lawns
  • Soil Improvement using quality soils and clays
  • Lawn installation
  • Planting (Planting supply and design to be organized prior by you)

Our Service Area

Why do we do a paid initial consult?

I pride myself on delivering tailored services to ensure you achieve optimal results. Therefore, it’s crucial for me to visit your location, assess the situation first-hand, and understand your specific requirements. While some may prefer to skip this step and jump straight to booking, experience has shown that this approach doesn’t always yield the best outcome for the customer.

Think of this initial meeting as more than just a typical quote; it’s an opportunity for me to provide you with a tailored estimation that assesses your needs properly AND gives you the right advice from the start! During our consultation, I’ll take the time to listen to your concerns, thoroughly inspect the area, conduct necessary tests such as controller assessments and pressure testing, and evaluate access and time requirements. Based on this assessment, I’ll then provide you with a written estimate. Often, I need additional time to give you an estimate especially if we spend the first hour looking over things so I will need to charge for further time. (Note I can’t estimate some aspects of reticulation for example finding a kink in a pipe or locating leaks) But I can give you an idea of the process. And If you like my business then it is the way to get me on board with helping you! Getting my 20 years of experience and advice on-site can be valuable.

There are several benefits to this approach. Firstly, it ensures that the job is not rushed, allowing me to plan and allocate the necessary resources for a successful outcome. Secondly, it enables me to offer on-site advice and address any issues promptly. Many times, I’ve been able to resolve pressure problems and other issues during the initial consultation, saving you time and money in the long run.

By investing the time upfront to understand your needs and provide estimations, I aim to deliver exceptional service and exceed your expectations. I know it is not the usual way of doing things, charging to ‘come and have a look’ but then again, we are not your ‘Usual Company’.

Our Process


Site Visit

During our initial consultation, I come to your home or business to assess the situation in person. This is crucial for tailoring our services to meet your specific needs.

What You Get:

  • Written Estimate: Provided if possible within the consultation duration.
  • On-Site Advice: Immediate insights based on direct assessment.
  • Project Understanding: Clarity on what needs doing and the time frame involved.
  • Flexible Costing: Due to the variable nature of work, exact costs may not always be immediately available.
  • We can do advice-only consults as well! Book us in for an hour to pick our brains!
  • Cost: Typically, $330 for 60 minutes. This fee covers the consultation and basic evaluation. Note that larger properties or more complex jobs may incur additional charges.
  • Installations and Further Evaluations: $330 for an on-site consult, $220 per hour off-site to prepare estimations for larger jobs or full installs. Extended site visits for installations involve comprehensive pressure tests and discussions about the project, requiring more than the initial hour to develop a detailed proposal.
  • Consultation Scheduling: Consultations are usually on Fridays between 7 AM and 1 PM, and occasionally on Saturdays or other days. We value this time as it allows us to fully engage with your project without rushing, ensuring we understand every detail.

We Do the Work!

Upon your approval of our written proposal, which you’ll receive via email, simply respond to schedule the commencement. We handle every aspect of the job, whether large or small. Our team is committed to delivering high-quality workmanship and ensuring all tasks are completed efficiently and to your satisfaction. This phase of our service includes managing all aspects of the project from start to finish, ensuring that every detail is taken care of.

  • We aim to minimize disruption to your daily routine and maximize efficiency, all while maintaining the highest standards of safety and quality.
  • We provide estimates, not fixed quotes.
  • All time on the job is billed, ensuring transparency in billing.
  • Minimum project duration is 2 hours.
  • We can do a consultation only for $330 for an hour if you wish to pick our brains but then do the work yourself!
  • We don’t provide plans but can offer videos of the work upon request. This allows you to see the progress of the job and understand the work involved.
Enjoy Your Reticulation System!

Cost Breakdown:

  • Initial Consultation: Starts from $330, including GST, covering our call-out and the first hour on site.
  • Call-Out Fee: $110 including GST.
  • Hourly Rate: $220 per hour, including GST, charged for all time spent on the job.
  • Advice Only: $110 call out and $220 per hour

Parts: Charged at retail pricing, additional to labour.

Frequently Asked Questions

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