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Please note, we specialise in complete full system or full section overhauls and do not take urgent last minute reticulation repair jobs. We have a minimum of 10 hours.

Reticulation Repairs

Reticulation Repairs is a word that causes many people intense frustration. Firstly, it’s hard to find skilled reliable retic trades, and when you do find someone capable you also want them to care! Repeated problems that keep coming up over and over again make it seem almost not worth even having irrigation.

Here at Reticulation Renovation, we specialise in bringing Perth retic systems to life and helping them be the best they can be. Rebuilding them and renovating them, breathing new life into the system. Although it is important to note that we are not a last-minute urgent retic repair business and have a 10 hour minimum. We often come across areas that need significant irrigation repairs as part of our full system overhauls, some of which are very complicated.

Luke Porter | Retic Repairs

Our Director Luke has almost 2 decades of experience fixing the most complex reticulation repair issues. We have the tools and expertise to fix almost any retic problem we come across. And not only that we will make sure we make every effort to minimise or eliminate the likelihood of the problem occurring again.

Although the list of things we can repair is extremely extensive, here are some of the most common problems we can fix include:

Common Retic Repairs Include

Reticulation Wiring Repairs

Reticulation Wiring Repairs

We can track your broken irrigation wiring and fix breaks/faults. Many trades and homeowners do not use waterproof Gel Connectors and simply tape the joins, this allows moisture to get in and short the system. We use Silicon Gel wiring connectors, when installing new wiring or sections of new wiring, we ensure that conduit is used as a protective measure.

Retic Repairs Dripline and Dripper

Reticulation Solenoid Repairs

We can track and locate your broken reticulation solenoids using our Pro 900 solenoid tracker. We know many tricks of the trade but the most important thing you can rely on is we will fix things properly. This may involve doing a more thorough job from the get go which can often cost more itinually but is better in the long run.

Retic Repairs Leaking Piping

Repairing Leaking Piping

We use high pressure pipe cement. If the system is high pressure we will use ‘Primer’ which helps to bond the glue to the PVC piping giving it extra strength. Further to this we normally use telescopic PVC joiners ‘slip fixes’ As the name suggests they extend making it easy to join pipes without bending them. We are experienced with many different types of piping.

Luke Porter Repairing Lawn

Sprinkler Repairs

We carry a wide range of sprinkler bodies and heads to ensure we can adapt to most system we are repairing. Making sure they are flushed properly and set at the correct heights is part and parcel of our job. We install articulated swing joint risers that connect the pop-ups to the PVC piping. These connecting joints protect the sprinkler and the pipe work.

Luke Porter

Subsurface Dripline
& Dripper System Repairs

Luke, our Director has been installing subsurface dripline for most of his career. Often dripline system do not perform because they are missing critical elements needed to ensure the proper function. And like anything it’s not just the parts/tools, it’s how you install them. Proper planning and care must be taken. If your retic system is not performing, why not book us to assess it.

Retic Repairs Sprinkle Repair


When we repair your retic issue we will always be trying to repair it in a way that stops it happening again. Finding the root cause is very important. You would think this would be simple and everyone would do this but sadly with reticulation repair in Perth being unregulated, anyone can do it and this results in many substandard reticulation repairs happening across Perth every day.

Retic Repairs Controller

Reticulation Controllers

From very old styles to the new modern types, we have extensive experience with retic controllers. Often it can be a settings issues in the controller or a variety of other problems. We have our tried and tested quality range of controllers should we find out you do need a new one.

Retic Repairs Bore System

Bore System Repairs

If your bore is blocking up your sprinklers, you have too much pressure or some other bore system issue, reach out to us. We install high quality hydraulic pressure relief valves that help to safeguard the system from ‘dead heading’. If a solenoid fails, the bore will continue to run and could blow up. Often a disc filter is installed as well after the pressure relief valve.

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Retic Consultation

  • We will come and spend an hour or so on site with you. This is where we can thoroughly go through all your objectives, look at any issues you may be having and come up with a tailored solution to sort it.
  • Typically, we will spend 30 minutes or so with you and the remainder will be spent writing a report with estimated costings. Think of us like a consultant that also does the work. You pay for all our time.
  • Typically the initial consult costs $300 plus GST

Project commencement

  • When you are ready to move ahead with your project you contact us and book it in.

Our charges

$200ph plus GST
$100 call out plus GST (No time included)
$ Parts at retail prices

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