Reticulation Renovation Perth

Reticulation Renovation

We named ourselves ‘Retic Renovation’ because we love beautiful healthy lawns and gardens. By Renovating the perth reticulation we are also improving the lawn and garden.

Our Director Luke has always had a deep passion for growing things and this is why he enjoys reticulation so much.

We have a wealth of experience with all sorts of systems, bore and subsurface dripline included and will be extremely thorough and meticulous when working on your property

Substandard reticulation systems are prolific throughout Perth and as a result gardens and lawns suffer. This is ‘something we seek to remedy’.

Retic Reno | Luke Porter

Watch our difference for yourself!

We take enormous pride in the quality of our work.

Nothing rushed and no corners cut.

Take a look at our videos on YouTube and social media to get a feel for how we operate and the love that goes into every single one of our projects.



Our Focus

Reticualtion is a life force

Reticulation is a life force

When you employee us, you may think it is just to fix the reticulation but it’s so much more than that.
The very purpose of reticulation is to be a life force for the living areas it irrigates.
Reticulation is just a tool, a mechanism to improve garden and lawn health. Its purpose is to creates healthy vibrant lawns and gardens. Retic is your partner, your teammate in the garden. Far too many people minimise it by saying, it’s just retic’. In our opinion nothing is just anything and every job should be done well and with a smile!

Installing Reticulation Renovation Perth

Your system needs to be effective

We make sure that we focus our efforts on what’s effective for each area. Reticulation is so much more than just throwing some water around and hoping for the best.
We need to take a proactive approach here.
Citrus trees, for example have a different root system to some other types of plants. Each one needs the correct irrigation. Our almost 20 plus years’ experience in Landscaping comes into play here massively. Some Trees may need tree bubblers which flood water at the base to grow well, other plants may need less water.

Practicallity Scaled


We believe having things in the right spot with thoughtful consideration and proper planning make life a lot easier.
There is nothing worse than having to bend down to set a controller, constantly hitting sprinklers with the lawn mower or tripping over poorly placed risers. Not fun!
From thoughtful placement of solenoids and pipe work through to putting sprinklers in the correct positions for easy maintenance the old rule of ‘form and function’ come into play. Put things in the right spot and make sure that they work effectively.
It sounds simple but not everyone does it!

Luke aesthetic scaled


Your retic should look good!
There is nothing worse than seeing a row of pop ups all at different heights items installed with no thought or care, unsightly pipes running on top of the ground all exposed or risers leaning over.
We take great care to be neat, tidy and careful with what we do at your property.
We will treat your property like it is our property.
The irrigation is just another part of your garden and should blend into it to help create that visually appealing space you want to spend time in.

Why use Retic



Why Choose Retic Renovation


White RR Icon 17 Years' experience

17 Years’

White RR Icon We love lawns and gardens

We love
lawns and gardens

Our process


Retic Consultation

  • We will come and spend an hour or so on site with you. This is where we can thoroughly go through all your objectives, look at any issues you may be having and come up with a tailored solution to sort it.
  • Typically, we will spend 30 minutes or so with you and the remainder will be spent writing a report with estimated costings. Think of us like a consultant that also does the work. You pay for all our time.
  • Typically the initial consult costs $300 plus GST

Project commencement

  • When you are ready to move ahead with your project you contact us and book it in.

Our charges

$200ph plus GST
$100 call out plus GST (No time included)
$ Parts at retail prices

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