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Flourishing gardens start with effective irrigation.

Is your home irrigation system causing you problems? 

Wishing your garden and lawns would be healthier? Retic Renovation are specialists in rebuilding and overhauling existing retic systems in Perth. We’re so passionate about doing retic and doing it right, so that your lawn and garden has the best chance to thrive. If you’d like us to help revolutionise your Perth reticulation system, please reach out to us today!

We’re the experts in Perth reticulation systems

Central System Overhauls

Central System Overhauls

This is where we rewire the system in conduit, change the controller and install all new solenoids to replace the old. This brings new life to the irrigation system.

Sprinkler Conversions


This is where we fix the placement of your sprinklers and position them correctly for both full coverage and practicality. We give them a good professional makeover.

Garden Reticulation Overhauls

Garden Reticulation Overhauls

Typically overlooked, the way the garden irrigation is designed has a massive impact on the growth of trees, shrubs and plants. Careful consideration is needed here.

Onsite Consultations


The first port of call with Retic Renovation is to book us for an onsite consultation to look over your reticulation. This is also where you can pick our brains for advice.

Poor Pressure Solutions

Poor Pressure Solutions

With almost 20 years hands on experience with fixing low pressure reticulation systems we have the knowledge, experience, and passion to help you get a good solution.

Fixing Persistent Issues

Fixing Persistent Issues

If you are getting sick and tired of band-aid solutions and wish someone would just ‘fix the problem once and for all’, look no further. We’re committed to quality work.

Soil Improvement


Water and nutrients go hand in hand for healthy vibrant growth. We use quality organic soil mixes and incorporate this with our ‘retic conversions’ for lawns and gardens.

Mulching & Fertilizing

& Fertilizing

When overhauling the garden reticulation we can add a layer of mulch with fertilizer underneath to complement and work as a partner with the irrigation that we have just worked on.

Please note we complete full system or full section overhauls and are not an urgent last minute repair business. We have a minimum of 6 hours.

Passionate about beautiful healthy lawns and gardens.

Hi I’m Luke, I have over 17 years hands on experience in both Perth reticulation service and landscaping and am extremely competent in problem solving, repairs, installation, and product knowledge. I also love making things grow.

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17 Years’

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We love
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If you are sick and tired of band-aid solutions for your retic system and would like a remedy, we can help.

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