Reticulation in Ellenbrook

Is your reticulation system in Ellenbrook in need of a significant upgrade? You’ve landed in the right place. With nearly two decades of experience in the field, we’ve been diligently installing and repairing reticulation systems all over Perth and love working in the Ellenbrook and Vines area. 

Our journey started with front yard packages in Ellenbrook, providing us with a good  understanding of the area and how the systems are initially installed. Ellenbrook, faces unique challenges due to its sandy soil, as well as many hastily installed reticulation systems and gardens  that don’t meet professional standards. This combination of sandy soil and poorly planned retic and gardens results in many gardens that just don’t look healthy.

Over the years, our expertise has grown, and when we look back at those earlier installations, we can’t help but wonder, “What were we doing?”

Tips for a Great Reticulation System in Ellenbrook

A truly efficient irrigation system depends on several factors, and we’re here to ensure yours meets all these criteria. So, what makes a great irrigation system?

  1. **Adequate Sprinklers**: Coverage is key, and that starts with having enough sprinklers that overlap for complete and effective watering.

In Ellenbrook, many irrigation systems exhibit some common issues:

  1. **Wiring Concerns**: Wires run haphazardly, not following proper conduit guidelines and just sitting in the soil
  2. **Faded Controllers**: Exterior controllers showing signs of age and weathering.
  3. **Solenoid Shortage**: Inadequate solenoids leading to poor pressure.
  4. **Sprinkler Scarcity**: Not enough sprinklers in lawns and garden beds, resulting in patchy coverage.
  5. **Low Sprinkler Height**: Sprinklers buried too deep in the grass, hindering proper water distribution.
  6. **Water Wastage**: Excessive runoff down the road.
  7. **Garden Neglect**: Overgrown gardens damaging pipes and blocking sprinklers.
  8. **Substandard Irrigation**: Systems not meeting professional standards.
Tips for a Great Reticulation System in Ellenbrook

How to Improve an Existing Reticulation System in Ellenbrook

We specialise in overhauling and  repairing existing reticulation systems as well as installing high quality new systems  and we proudly extend our services to Ellenbrook and The Vines. 

Fortunately, there are numerous ways to enhance the quality of your irrigation system.

For example, in cases where sprinklers are submerged beneath overgrown grass, we replace them with taller pop-ups, ensuring proper coverage without obstructing your lawn mower’s path. But that’s just one of many improvements we offer.

Some older drip line systems may also be improperly installed, leading to recurring problems. The key to a thriving garden is the synergy between irrigation and nutrient-rich soil. In many Ellenbrook homes, the soil conditioner applied during construction eventually washes away, leaving gardens pale, unhealthy, and struggling. That’s where we turn to the Green Life Soil Company, a source of high-quality soil enriched with essential nutrients and microbes.

Reticulation in Ellenbrook

How We Can Help You

Our expertise goes beyond reticulation – we’re committed to optimising gardens and lawns. We apply top-dressing to lawns and high-quality fertilisers that reintroduce microbes and trace elements to your soil. Not all fertilisers are equal, and we select those that ensure long-term soil health.

So, when we arrive at your property, here’s what you can expect:

– A thorough pressure test to determine the exact pressure requirements for each zone, enabling us to make necessary modifications.

– Comprehensive assessments and improvements, including adding extra sprinklers, enhancing the health and longevity of your lawns and gardens, fixing solenoid issues, and enhancing any aspect of the irrigation system that doesn’t meet standards.

Our passion lies in transforming your lawn and garden into thriving, lush landscapes, and we’re dedicated to ensuring your reticulation is optimally installed or repaired in Ellenbrook. Given the area’s arid and sandy conditions, achieving the right balance is crucial for vibrant lawns and gardens.

A Recent Success Story

For a glimpse of the professionalism we bring to every project, take a look at these photos of a recent reticulation installation in Ellenbrook. Our solenoids are expertly set up, and our sprinklers offer impeccable coverage. Our customer’s satisfaction speaks volumes, as seen in their glowing  5 star Google review.

‘Luke was great to deal with, did an awesome job and used quality parts. His updates and follow up on the job were top notch. Highly recommend’ – Mat Prosser

Install, Repair & Upgrade with Retic Renovation

If you’re seeking professional assistance with your irrigation system in Ellenbrook or The Vines, we guarantee a quality meticulous service, and we’re more than happy to help. For that extra professional touch and if your system has been poorly installed, reach out to us. We’d be delighted to assist you in improving your retic system.

Here is a list of services we can complete for you:

Install, Repair & Upgrade with Retic Renovation


– Versatile garden irrigation solutions

– Installing drip and analogous systems

– Tree-specific bubblers and tailored watering systems

– Brand new system installations


– Conduit-based rewiring services

– Replacement of solenoids

– Fresh pipeline installations

– Permanent solutions for malfunctioning sprinklers

– Addressing low water pressure issues

– Repairing garden risers

– Resolving persistent issues

– Managing bore filters

– New isolation taps installation

– Reticulation system repairs

– On-site consultations


– Comprehensive revitalization of reticulation systems

– Incorporating new features

– Setting up top-quality irrigation controllers

– Upgrading sprinkler systems

– Customizing irrigation sprinkler setups

– Pinpointing dry areas and devising effective remedies

– Subsurface dripline modifications, repairs, and expansions

– Installing bore pressure relief valves

– Implementing master solenoid valves.

Please note that we have a 10-hour minimum for our services.

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Luke Porter | Install Sprinkler Heads

Luke Porter

The Director of Retic Renovation is passionate about beautiful healthy lawns and gardens.

I have over 17 years hands-on experience in both landscaping and reticulation service and I’m extremely competent in problem solving, repairs, installation, and product knowledge.