What to Look for When Servicing Your Reticulation

Servicing your reticulation is crucial for keeping a healthy garden. Maintenance is key, and nothing is maintenance-free. Whether it’s a new garden lawn or an existing reticulation system, regular checks and upgrades are essential to avoid trouble down the line.

Basic Service Includes:

  • Nozzle Check: Ensuring all nozzles are clear and working.
  • Battery Check: Making sure the controller’s backup battery is in good condition.
  • General System Health: A thorough inspection for any obvious issues.
  • Improvement Write-Up: Recommendations for enhancing your system.
Basic reticuation Service
Comprehensive reticulation Service

Comprehensive Service Adds:

  • Garden Rises: Adjusting sprinklers to ensure coverage over growing plants.
  • Additional Sprinklers: Installing more where needed for full coverage.
  • Sprinkler Height Adjustment: Raising or lowering to meet the garden’s changing needs.
  • Swapping Old Components: Updating parts of your system for better efficiency.
  • System Rewiring: Overhauling the wiring to prevent future electrical issues. By installing new wiring within conduit and without joins, and organizing solenoids in large spotter boxes, we significantly reduce the chance of shorts.
  • Solenoid and Controller Updates: These components, the heart of your system, can be upgraded during a comprehensive service to boost efficiency and reliability.
  • Full System Renovation: For systems that require extensive work, we offer full renovations, focusing on upgrading while preserving components still in good condition, like main supply lines and some piping.

Ensuring overlapping coverage where one sprinkler reaches the next, and setting sprinklers and garden risers at the right heights are vital. These steps prevent mower damage and ensure that water covers every part of your garden equally.

Why Regular Maintenance Matters:

It helps catch issues early, preventing costly overhauls. Regular maintenance isn’t just about fixing problems—it’s preemptive care to ensure your garden remains a lush, vibrant space.

Expertise You Can Rely On:

With years of experience servicing Perth’s gardens, we’re equipped to handle everything from basic maintenance to comprehensive system upgrades. Trust us to keep your garden flourishing. We have been in the game for around 20 years and understand Perth’s climate and reticulation like the back of our hand! 

experience servicing Perth’s gardens

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Luke Porter | Install Sprinkler Heads

Luke Porter

The Director of Retic Renovation is passionate about beautiful healthy lawns and gardens.

I have over 17 years hands-on experience in both landscaping and reticulation service and I’m extremely competent in problem solving, repairs, installation, and product knowledge.