The Best Pop-up Sprinklers in Australia

Hi there  Luke from Retic Renovation. After almost 20 years of experience in installing and servicing irrigation systems, I’ve found two exceptional sprinklers that stand out in terms of durability, toughness, and quality. In this blog I will run through some of the benefits of these outstanding sprinklers. I absolutely love them. If you look at my social media posts you will see I use both regularly!

SAM Seal-O-Matic

Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic: Unmatched Performance and Reliability

Rain Bird’s SAM Seal-O-Matic pop-up sprinkler is well known for its exceptional performance and durability. This high-quality sprinkler is designed to deliver consistent results, ensuring efficient water distribution across your residential landscape. With its advanced sealing mechanism, the SAM Seal-O-Matic prevents low head drainage, minimising water waste and promoting water conservation.

Benefits of Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic Pop-Up Sprinklers

  1. Water Efficiency: The SAM Seal-O-Matic’s sealing mechanism eliminates wasteful water leakage, resulting in optimal water conservation.
  2. Durability: The SAM Seal-O-Matic is built to last, withstanding the rigours of regular use and providing reliable performance year after year.
  3. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Rain Bird sprinklers are designed with user convenience in mind, making installation and maintenance hassle-free for homeowners.
  4. Strong Spring: The SAM Seal-O-Matic features a very strong spring, ensuring longevity and consistent performance.

Hunter MP Rotator: Precision, Versatility, and Matched Precipitation

While the Hunter MP Rotator is not a pop-up sprinkler itself, it is a highly versatile nozzle designed to be used with pop-up sprinkler bodies, including the Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic. The MP Rotator offers a revolutionary approach to residential irrigation, delivering water in a rotating, multi-stream pattern. This design ensures precise water application, reduced runoff, improved water efficiency, and matched precipitation.

Hunter MP Rotator Precision

Benefits of Hunter MP Rotator Nozzles

  1. Precise Watering: The MP Rotator’s rotating streams and adjustable radius allow for targeted water application, ensuring each area of your landscape receives the appropriate amount of water.
  2. Wind Resistance: With its low precipitation rate and rotating streams, the MP Rotator is highly resistant to wind drift, reducing water waste caused by overspray or spray carried away by gusts.
  3. Water Conservation: The MP Rotator’s efficient coverage and low precipitation rate help conserve water, making it an environmentally-friendly choice for residential irrigation.
  4. Versatility: The MP Rotator comes in various adjustable arcs, radii, and flow rates, providing homeowners with flexibility to adapt the system to their unique landscape needs.
  5. Matched Precipitation: Another standout feature of the MP Rotator is its ability to achieve matched precipitation. This means that all the nozzles in the system apply water at the same rate, ensuring uniform coverage and eliminating dry spots or overwatering areas.
  6. Low Pressure sprinklers: MP Rotators operate under lower pressure and flow compared with other types of common nozzles, Often just switching the nozzles out gets you increased throw.

The Perfect Combination: Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic and Hunter MP Rotator

By combining the Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic pop-up sprinkler bodies with the Hunter MP Rotator nozzles, homeowners can achieve an irrigation system that excels in water efficiency, precise watering, matched precipitation, and adaptability. The SAM Seal-O-Maticis a fantastic sprinkler body, while the MP Rotator nozzle adds precision, versatility, and matched precipitation to the system, enabling homeowners to tailor their watering strategies to suit their specific landscape requirements.

Note: Head-to-Head Coverage for Optimal Performance


It’s important to note that when designing and installing an irrigation system using the Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic and Hunter MP Rotator (Or any types of sprinklers) , achieving head-to-head coverage is crucial for optimal performance. Head-to-head coverage means ensuring that the spray from one sprinkler overlaps with the adjacent sprinkler, providing uniform water distribution across the entire area. This overlap helps eliminate dry spots and ensures consistent watering throughout your lawn or garden. I rave on and on about this because it works!!

Head-to-head coverage ensures that every part of your landscape receives adequate water, preventing under- or over-watering. This technique is especially important when dealing with larger areas, as it helps maximise the efficiency of your irrigation system and promotes healthy plant growth.


If you are installing a residential irrigation system the Rain Bird SAM Seal-O-Matic pop-up sprinkler, when paired with the Hunter MP Rotator nozzle, is a great combination. These two components work beautifully together to deliver efficient water distribution, precise watering, matched precipitation, and durability. If you have an existing reticulation system you can also switch them out with these better sprinklers. 

Here is a handy guide on How to Install Pop Up Sprinklers if you are tackling the reticulation install yourself. 


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